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Overcoming addiction isn’t easy, but there is hope. You have the power to make positive changes in your life. is here to help you start the journey to recovery.

Explore this site to:

  • Learn the signs of a drug or alcohol problem.
  • Connect with treatment and support for overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Get tools and guidance on how you can work to live without drugs or alcohol in your life.


  • Signs of an Alcohol Problem

    When drinking casually with friends, we may not look for or recognize signs of alcoholism. Alcohol consumption is so common that addiction and abuse can be difficult to identify, especially in ourselves. There are many ways to enjoy a healthy relationship with alcohol; it’s when drinking starts to interfere with your everyday life that there may be a problem.

  • Alcohol Treatment & Recovery

    The recovery journey is a personal, and at times emotional, experience. Treatment such as counseling or group therapy equips people with the tools they need to handle the ups and downs of living sober. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to understand your options and consider what plan may be best for you.

  • Alcohol: Staying Sober

    A critical part of recovery from alcohol addiction is remembering that the journey to sobriety is a lifelong process. By understanding the challenges that often come along on the path to recovery, you can surround yourself with the support you need to cherish the ups and handle the downs.


  • Signs of a Drug Problem

    People use prescription or recreational drugs for a variety of reasons: whether out of curiosity, to relax or socialize, or because a family member or loved one also uses drugs. However, when drug use interferes with your daily life, there may be a problem. If you notice that your use, or a family member's or friend’s use, gets in the way of sleep, relationships, work, or fulfilling responsibilities — or if it’s significantly affecting your mood — then it may be time to reach out for support. If you’re ready, taking that first step can get you on a path to recovery.

  • Drug Treatment & Recovery

    Just like addiction itself, treatment comes in many forms — and it’s important to choose a treatment method that works for you. While group therapy may provide relief for some, others may prefer individual counseling. You can even create a new experience altogether by combining various treatment options. Taking the time to figure out what works for you can set you up for success on your journey to recovery.

  • Drugs: Staying Sober

    Along the way, you may encounter challenges, but you have the strength to work through them. Knowing what obstacles you might face — and preparing yourself with tools to overcome them — can help you along your journey.