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Specialty Rehabs

Specialty rehab programs can provide treatment based on your specific needs.

Addiction comes in many forms, and so does recovery. There are many forms of drug and alcohol rehab available, and it’s important to choose a form of counseling or treatment that works for you. The following types of specialty rehab may provide the specific treatment environment you need to start your recovery.

Rehab for women and girls

Women and men may have distinct needs when it comes to substance use because of physical, mental, social, and cultural differences. Rehab centers across the country offer specialized treatment just for women and girls.

Women’s rehab centers can be helpful with their patients’ challenges such as caring for young children or living in abusive relationships. Such situations can make it difficult to commit to rehab and stay in a program. The people who work in these programs understand and support the specific needs of women.

Many women’s programs can treat co-occurring mental health conditions and disorders, such as trauma and PTSD, in addition to substance use. Being surrounded by women who are also facing the same challenges and share common goals can help make recovery easier to maintain.

LGBTQ rehab

Everyone who has a substance use disorder is dealing with a unique set of challenges, but among people in the LGBTQ community, there are some common experiences. When coming out, some people may worry about the reactions of their family members, coworkers, and friends. Many LGBTQ individuals have experienced homophobia.

Many treatment centers, outpatient clinics, and community resources across the United States provide special programs to address the distinct challenges of LGBTQ patients and support their recovery process. You can find treatment centers with LGBTQ programs using our treatment locator.

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Teen rehab

Teens are naturally curious about drugs and alcohol. But when experimentation becomes more frequent, it can lead to cravings, loss of control, or consequences such as missing school or changes in behavior. It’s important for adolescents who misuse drugs or alcohol to receive help quickly to prevent long-term drug and alcohol problems in adulthood. During the teen years, drugs and alcohol can affect the brain’s development, making it more difficult to stop or control substance use through willpower alone.

There are rehab centers and programs available specifically for teens. Many outpatient rehab programs offer teen group therapy as well as family-based treatment, such as multidimensional family therapy. These programs help teens who have drug or alcohol problems as well as their family members.

Teen inpatient rehab can provide comprehensive treatment to overcome addiction. This is particularly important if a teen is also dealing with mental health conditions such as depression or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Faith-based rehab

Many people who have drug or alcohol problems seek spiritual support or guidance during their recovery. However, not all faith-based rehab programs are the same.

If you choose a faith-based rehab program, find one that was developed by health professionals to ensure that you receive proper treatment. Collaboration among health care professionals and faith-based organizations provides a focus on recovery while also nurturing spirituality.

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Content reviewed by Dr. Jasleen Salwan, MD, MPH, FASAM, February 2023.