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I Am a Health Professional can help you connect patients with information and resources that encourage them to seek support. The site draws on the knowledge of experts like you — and we’re always looking for input and ideas from the field.


Get involved. wouldn’t be possible without expert input from health professionals. With your help, we can connect people with the support and treatment they need to start their recovery. Become a part of our board of advisors by sending us your feedback and suggestions for strengthening this resource for you and your patients.

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Connect patients with support. is built for people in any stage of recovery — so it can be a tool to engage with patients who may be reluctant to seek treatment or to help their family members lend support.

By connecting your patients with, you can empower them to learn about substance use at their own pace. And should they decide to seek support, they will have the tools they need to find a provider and a treatment method that can work for them.

Video testimonials of people who have recovered from substance use disorders let patients know that they are not alone and can inspire them to take the first step on their paths to recovery.

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