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Upgrade your facility listing to connect with more patients

Start Your Recovery is one of the top search results for people looking for "rehab" or for substance misuse help. We’re ready to help you connect with patients.


Connect with more patients

Receive more prominent placement on our treatment locator.


Only pay when you have availability

Easily turn on and off your marketing spend based on your facility’s availability.


Add a custom description

Highlight your facility’s unique characteristics and insurance accepted.

What’s included

  • Top rankings & custom description. Get more visibility, calls, and clicks by people looking for treatment in your region.

  • Ability to instantly turn on and off marketing spending. Let us know whether or not you have availability with a simple text message.

  • Call tracking & real-time reporting. A real-time analytics dashboard, plus integration with your existing call tracking solution.

How it works


Someone searches "rehabs in <city>" and we typically appear #1

Listing Update

Your listing receives top placement when you have availability

Text Availability

When your facility is full, text us and we’ll stop promoting your facility.

Guaranteed performance

  • Guaranteed performance. If we don’t deliver the results we agree on, we’ll credit your account for the difference. If we deliver more than what we promise, you won’t be charged extra.

  • Guaranteed quality. If you are unhappy with the quality of the traffic or leads, we will refund your latest month’s fees and cancel your subscription with no questions asked.

  • Real-time reporting. Get up-to-the-minute data on how your campaign is performing. Plus, integrate with your favorite call tracking solution.

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